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6 Minutes To Skinny
I am here to bring you all my knowledge I have gained in the past 15+ years in the health/fitness industry. I have tried many workout programs and supplements. I hope to give you the knowledge of really being a healthier person and not making the same mistakes that I did when I first started. There are a lot of things that I do not agree with that the mainstream health/fitness industry says to do. So I say always keep an open mind and just try things yourself. I know at times things may seem very ludicrous but just try them out for a bit. It may work it may not. I always ask please just keep an open mind. You will find a wide variety of sports, fitness, and health related topics on this site. This is the place I think that you can find something that interest you if you are a hardcore competitive athlete to the hobbyist. I am not geared to one of these groups at all. I hope that this site can relate and have a positive impact on everyone that passes by.

Thanks for visiting us today! I hope that you have found something that will make you feel and look healthier.