Good Spin Bike Reviews

Good Spin Bike Reviews

Have you ever asked yourself if you should get a spinning bike or and indoor cycling bike? A spinning bike is one that comes with a flywheel that is weight and allows you to stand up while you are pedaling. There really is not a difference in the two other than one is made by Mad Dogg Athletics.

What is the best spin bike?There are many health benefits using any kind of indoor cycle. Many fitness professionals consider them one of the most efficient machines to use for rapid weight loss. There are many studies that show how indoor cycling has improved lung and cardio capacity over other cardio machines. One of the main benefits of a bike is that it is very easy to do any kind of interval training. I know many fitness pros that love intervals because they are fast and better for your body overall. 6 Minutes To Skinny

When considering a bike there are many things that you need to look at. One thing is the adjustability of the bike. Everyone is not the same height and we all come in different sizes. You will need to considers this for the overall comfort of the bike. There are a lot of bikes where the handlebars do not adjust. I really think that you should get one that does.

Something else you need to think about is the flywheel weight. These are very important and many people overlook this when they are searching. The flywheel should be very sturdy and should weigh the bike down. You do not want a bike that is wobbling all over the place do you? I think the flywheel should weight at least 30lbs or more.

Also, you should look at the price. I mean you get what you pay for sometimes. I would never go too cheap because you could get an unstable wobbly bike. I recommend getting a middle of the road model. I mean you do not need a commercial one. If you can afford one then yeah go for it but most of us will do fine with the cheaper models.

Here are a few of my favorites that I have used:

Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle

BFSB5 Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Keiser M3+

There are so many different types on the market. I really think of these 3 would satisfy anyone’s cycling needs.