What’s the Best Jiu Jitsu Gi

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The Brazilian jiu jitsu community has made some great progress from the times when the Gracie family owned their very own gis, held them and cleaned them all for all of their pupils as a part of their Gracie Jiu Jitsu program. The business began to get very popular during the early 1990’s with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi brands approaching many well-known fighters to be sponsored, therefore connecting the fighter’s image with their brands. The greatest examples during the time were most likely the more traditional standards of say M Kimonos supporting far more reserved martial artists like Royler Gracie and Shaolin Ribeiro opposing the Bad Boy company which chose to subsidize wilder figures like Walid Ismail and Tererê. Nowadays the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi has grown to be not only a useful tool in battle, but also a method for students to exhibit their flamboyance.

As the sport progressed and grown through the entire world, these countries to which BJJ broadened to opened up their tradition and included their own flavour to the jiu jitsu gi, this can be noticed in brands such as Bull Terrier and Reversal (Japan) as well as in Break Point and Gameness (US). The range of brands available is astonishing, and in this short article we attempt to decipher what is the best jiu jitisu gi that is best suited for you and your goals, we does not pass judgement on the style of the gis, we all have our own ideas of what the best jiu jitsu gi should look like and they also don’t always match up with what is on the market. Emphasizing the function of the gi, here are a few general conceptions that may help you get a jiu jitsu gi that is suitable for yourself, which means what you should be expecting by particular brands and specific models. This is a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi review page and there are links here to websites that devote a lot of their time to this specific section of jiu jitsu, furthermore I suggest you take a look of them prior to making your choice. So what should you think about when deciding on your gi? Here are a few things I think everyone should consider or do……

1. How it fits.

2. The design.

3. The comfort while training.

4. The life span of the gi.

5. How available is it

Keiko Gi-The Best Jiu Jitsu Gi?

keikoThis is one of my favorite gis that I have ever used. I love the look and feel of Keiko. If you compete or are a hobbyist this is a gi that you should get. They are very light-weight, rugged, and just look sweet. I use this gi probably 3 times a week and it still looks brand new. This is a very durable gi. When you train a lot you need a durable gi. Also, this gi being light-weight makes it easier to make weight for a tournament. Also being light-weight they will dry faster than heavier gis. These gis are already pre-shrunk. So it makes it easier to know what size to get yourself. The pants that come with the gi have rope drawstrings which are very comfortable while training. During rolls you want to be as comfortable as possible. This is gi is also IBJJF approved! So if you are looking for a very nice gi, I recommend getting Keiko Summer Gi for sure! This is the best jiu-jitsu gi I have used in awhile! Take a look here- Keiko Raca Limited Series BJJ Gi Jiu Jitsu Kimono – White – A2

Grips Primero 2.0

I have recently just started using a Grips gi. This is by far one of the best bjj gis you can get. They have a breathable inner mesh padding around the shoulders. This will help keep you dry and comfortable while training. It is made with 100 percent cotton and is tripled stitched. This gi being tripled stitched will give it the endurance to last a long time. The pants also have mesh padding for comfort. The price of this gi is very reasonable too. You really cannot go wrong with a Grips gi!! Check some out here- Grips Athletics Men’s Secret Weapon 2.0 Kimono Gi, Navy, A3


Atama Single Weave

Atama was one of the first gis I ever owned. I still have the very first one that I bought. Their gis are made from 100 percent cotton. These are also very lightweight and durable gis. If you are looking for a gi to last, this may be the one for you. It may not look the very best, but looks do not always matter to people. You will definitely get your money’s worth from Atama. They have some of the best jiu-jitsu gis. Check them out for yourself here- Atama Mundial Model 9 Gi – Black – A1



Out of all of the gis that I have owned a Shoyoroll gi is one of the best. I have worn a few of them. The many times that I have trained in their gis I have enjoyed it. The look and feel of their gis are awesome and top-notch. They have one of the best jiu-jitsu gis around. I know many of the time jiu-jitsu players train in one of their gis and that recommend them too.

I have had a Venum gi in my rotation for many years now. I truly have enjoyed using this gi while I train. It is lightweight and very durable. They make gis to last! Also something else I love about their gis is that they do not have a lot of patches. I am just a fan of the school gis. So I do not really like all the flashy patches everywhere. Even if you do like patches, I would still recommend you getting this gi in your training rotation. Check them out here- Venum Contender BJJ GI, A2.5, Black.


Gameness has been making some of the best BJJ gis for many years now. I have to admit that it took me a few years before I finally tried one out myself. After I did though I was hooked. They bring top of the line quality and have a fashion sense too! Like I have said before, I like the traditional white gi. But Gameness makes many flashy nice looking gis. They have gis in many different colors other than white, blue, and black. They make a green one that I think is awesome looking! Overall Gameness makes some really good looking gis that will also hold up in training. You can check them out here- Gameness Air Gi – BJJ Gi – Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi Uniform (A2 (5’4″ – 5’7″ …